TOP 3 MISTAKES that Get People KNOCKED OUT [Real Street Fight Knockout Compilation & Analysis]

Published on October 12, 2022

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Street fight knockout compilation with breakdown analysis of the 3 Worst Mistakes people make a real street fight. WARNING GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

This week we take a documentary style approach in how to defend yourself in a fight when facing extreme violence.

Here’s how to avoid getting knocked out in one punch by not making these 3 epic fails in a street fight:


We get that you are a nice person and you don’t want to hurt someone, but the biggest fail is to wait too long in a confrontation to take action in your own self defence. This doesn’t mean that you should punch someone who gets in your face. What we are really saying is that you should recognise the danger signals of escalation of violence. Basically, look for warning signs so you can at least change your position or location, for example to minimise your vulnerability to say a sucker punch.

It is not always about punching someone first, it is more the case of prevention and control. You must gain control of the situation for your own personal safety and security. Be aware of the surroundings and never let someone have control over you in a fight.


One of the biggest problems you may face is to second guess how the person will attack you. This is often the case when people practice martial arts in a Dojo. A typical martial arts practitioner is used to a clinical and standardised way of fighting and moving. To a certain extent they are used to defending themselves against clear patterns of attack that they can see.

However, the reality is that someone that means you harm will attack you when you can’t see it coming. That’s the meaning of a sucker punch. We always say that the punch that knocks you out is the one that you often don’t see. So don’t get knocked out by one punch. Make sure that you keep your awareness about you. Most importantly don’t have any expectation that the bad guy will attack you in a certain way.


Some people think that they are untouchable and this leads to a false sense of safety and security in a confrontation. Worst amongst us are those that train in martial arts. While training in a martial art is a great thing to do for many reasons that do not relate to fighting, people in martial arts still feel that they have superhuman powers. That is, they think that they will never be punched in the face in a real fight. Of course, the opposite is true and very likely. Yet many martial artists are surprised when they are punched in the face and don’t react how they thought they would in a real fight.


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How to defend yourself or even how to fight at close quarters requires short distance power.


We have lots more videos on how to fight with Wing Chun. Please visit our channel. Better yet feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion of what you would like us to film for you. It does not have to be about Wing Chun it can be about any subject related to fighting, how to fight, Wing Chun techniques, or even Wing Chun vs other styles of martial arts. We are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience free of charge.



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Most Dangerous Style Of Martial Art

Your enemy right away moves to defensive mode. By the time I completed Junior High School (9th grade), I had been in 297 street fights and just lost 7. Initially all these methods were street battling methods.

Street Fight Knockout

How To Adapt Your Martial Arts Training For The Streets

street fighters need to search for weapons in genuine street fight. You can’t expect everybody to fight same method that is simulated at a lot of martial arts schools. They end up being Mat Rempits (Bike Racers).

The techniques that are used in street fighting or fight self-defense are really battle Karate and other martial arts moves. Initially all these techniques were street fighting techniques. It was developed and improved into military kind of battling systems, branching out into other parts of the world. As the fighting systems were passed down to modern martial artists some of the fundamental components were lost or not understood. Causing inadequate street battling methods.

Suggestion # 4 in Best Street Combating Tips – If you select to find out martial arts, it is very important to practice your lessons so you will be able to use them proficiently if at all needed. You are going to need to discover how to keep yourself in control, even under heavy attack and stress related to the battle, and not to give up to pain or fear.

Due to the fact that fastest knockouts in mma have no methods they count on any application of force that will have immediate results to end the fight as quickly as possible. This results in basic impulse type street battling with assaults aimed extremely at groins and heads.

In addition to all this, fight stats from all different sources (Authorities, FBI, Underground Fighting, boxing knockout yesterday Caught on Tape) prove that the man who hits initially is far more most likely to win.

Cammy’s Ultra combo is thought about to be among the finest Street Fighter 4 relocations, as it not just takes around half of your opponent’s life bar away (depending upon who you’re fighting), but due to the fact that she begins it with a spinning corkscrew, your opponent has to be obstructing and crouching to not get hit by it.

While on the ground, and even standing, there are certain submission abilities that are a must to find out. Both on the street fight knockouts nkc and on the cage, submission methods will disable your opponent no matter the size, and cause them to quit the fight. There are all sort of submissions you can use on legs, arms as well as various chokes.

Another knock on Aikido is that it trains you to await someone to attack you before you can do anything. Yes, if nobody is attacking you, why do you require to assault them? This is called attack if you assault someone first. In reality, the individual attacking is actually at a drawback because all of their energy and focus is on the attack. The best time to blend with an attack and redirect it is when the attack starts.

You want to have at your disposal every single unclean fighting method possible if you are ever attacked by somebody entirely intent on harming or even killing you. You desire to be psychologically prepared and battle with everything you have. It’s your life or his. Even if it goes against your morals or your religions or whatever, you need to be prepared to do whatever it requires to escape and get to security. You do not have to kill your opponent. You just need to get away securely. Add and view this video what you will find out from it to your arsenal of self-defense mechanisms.

Street Fight Knockout, TOP 3 MISTAKES that Get People KNOCKED OUT [Real Street Fight Knockout Compilation & Analysis].

They like simpleness and I believe the majority of people appreciate it. It is a game that I think you need to select up. Coupled with boxing abilities, you have a no contest in favor of the boxer.

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