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Published on November 28, 2020

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Punch Knock Out by Kenedi Taekwondoin Junior asal Kabupaten Lamandau pada Kejuaraan Taekwondo Kalsel Open Maverick Championship yang dilaksanakan pada tanggal 27-28 Juli 2019 di Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan.
Kejuaraan ini diiukuti berbagai peserta dari beberapa propinsi di Pulau Kalimantan seperti Kalimantan Tengah, Kalimantan Selatan dan Kalimantan Timur.

Yuk kita saksikan bersama-sama.

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Mau Makin Jago Taekwondo?

Miliki Buku Terbaru “JAGO TAEKWONDO” – Rahasia Sukses Taekwondoin Sejati.

Dikemas dalam ilustrasi kartun full color, Hard Cover sebanyak 146 halaman yang akan membantu Anda agar lebih mudah belajar Taekwondo di Dojang dan di Rumah Anda.

Dalam buku ini teman2 bisa dengan mudah belajar dan praktek :

  1. 📒 Plan & Journal Latihan (Bisa tempel foto kenangan selama taekwondo + tulis-tulis)
  2. 🇰🇷🇮🇩 Pengetahuan Dasar Taekwondo
  3. 🥋 Teknik Taekwondo
    📌 12 Jenis Seogi (Kuda-kuda Dasar)
    📌 17 Teknik Makki (Tangkisan)
    📌 12 Teknik Jireugi (Pukulan)
    📌 3 Teknik Jjireugi (Tusukan)
    📌 13 Teknik Chigi (Ayunan/Sabetan)
    📌 Teknik Jikkgi (Cabikan)
    📌 28 Teknik Chagi (Tendangan)
    📌 4 Teknik Twigi (Lompatan)
    📌 6 Teknik Ditgi (Langkah)
    📌 6 Teknik Japgi (Tarikan)
    📌 Teknik Kkeogi (Kuncian)
    📌 Teknik Neomgigi (Bantingan)
    📌 4 Teknik Pihagi (Teknik Menghindar)
    📌 Teknik Ppaegi (Teknik Melepaskan)
    📌 Jenis Junbijase (Sikap Siap)
    📌 4 Jenis Milgi (Dorongan)
    📌 Teuksupum (Special Form)
  4. 🥇 14 Basic Movement
  5. 🎖️ Kibon/Basic 1,2,3
  6. 🏆 Poomsae Taegeuk 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Insha Allah bukunya seru buat latihan di rumah khususnya untuk tingkat GEUP maupun pelatih.

Detail Buku Klik : https://satriamartialarts.orderonline.id/buku-jago-taekwondo

atau WA : 0852280000346

Six Martial Arts Training Tips

These factors ensure comfort and safety when using the gloves. I know, the first time I saw a double kick, I thought it was a joke. Fortunately, the boom in Martial Arts has also seen a boom in the choice of Martial Arts Supplies available.

Taekwondo Punch Knockout

Sensory Integration Dysfunction And The Benefits Of Taekwondo

Visualize yourself doing perfect Taekwondo. The second fight was against another state champion, but I have since forgotten the state. So, knowing how to take care of it can certainly payoff.

The original legend is recorded in the Samguk Yusa, which translates as “Legends and History of the Three Dynasties of Ancient Korea,” by Iryeon, a Buddhist monk who lived in the time of the Goryeo dynasty. It is a story that is known by many native Koreans today, having been passed on by tradition. The full version of this story can be read on many websites, but for reference, here is a watered-down version.

When you decide that you want to practice Taekwondo you will need to become a member of the academy of dojo. You will then be guided through the essential moves and techniques, which are involved with this great sport. l’origine du taekwondo is the most popular of all of the martial arts and although it originally was only practiced in Korea it is now very popular all over the world. The sport will help you to develop your body, soul and mind and is a fantastic way to lose weight and get in shape. Today it is often used as a form of self defense and you will now be taught both offense and defense.

Prepare for lots of hanging around at your belt test. While you’re taekwondo with boxing waiting watch what’s going on. But don’t compare yourself to others. Try keep your thoughts positive about what you can do. Rather than dwelling on what you think you can’t. And if you feel negative thoughts and fears mounting…shut your eyes for a minute or two and do more visualization.

Another thing which we need to look through is our marketing strategies. Our marketing strategies might not be good enough to attract people towards taekwondo. One can clearly see that other sports get more media coverage than taekwondo. Rarely a person is able to watch taekwondo on a satellite channel. Other sports such as cricket and football get more media coverage and hence they are more popular. Less media coverage is one of the main reasons that people don’t have much knowledge about taekwondo and its training.

As fate would have it in my quest to find the perfect instructor and the most realistic self defense street survival instructor I searched the globe and I found two of the greatest real life self defense street combat instructors the world has ever produced taekwondo keychain who both happen to be black belts in two different fighting disciplines.

Together, it forms Taekwondo, a form of martial art, which balances both the mind and body. Taekwon-do is one of the places in South Africa that teaches this art. It is a registered school with the ITF (International Taekwon-do Federation).

I was lucky that I knew of the basic taekwondo techniques. As soon as I was grabbed I punched the guy right in the hollow area of the throat. They quickly went down and as they did, I used my knee to hit them again. I got in my car as fast as I could and found security. Only knowing those few taekwondo techniques saved my life and they will save yours too if you ever need them.

Taekwondo Punch Knockout, Taekwondo Knock Out By Punch | K.O Terkena Counter Pukulan.

I hope I’ve scared you enough to really think about personal safety and the safety of your children. But I soon learnt that anyone who does Tae Kwon Do can teach anyone else something about it. I read books on sport psychology, and speed training.

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