Knockout Tips for Martial Arts

Published on September 19, 2020

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Everybody dreams of landing a knockout punch on a bad guy. Okay! Here are some tips that might help your martial arts dreams come true!

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WARNING: Knocking someone out is just a fun way of saying “inflicting brain trauma”. Do not try to knock out your friends or training partners. Oh–and don’t let them knock you out, either! Protect your brain!

When most people think about knockouts, they think about speed and power. But that’s not always enough! A more practical formula for a knockout is something I call “The 3 T’s.” That stands for…

TARGET. A knockout shot should be directed to the head or neck. Any impact to the head can cause a knockout, but the chin, jaw, temple, and behind the ear are particularly vulnerable. I’m sure you already knew that–after all, you were born with a head!

TECHNIQUE. Punches, palms, elbows, knees, kicks… ANY technique can affect a knockout. Your job as a martial artist is to pick strikes you like and then drill them until they are solid and reliable.

TIMING. This is the big one. Beginners think knockouts are all about speed and power, but they’re not! The real secret is in how you set up your strikes. Ideally, you set up your strikes in such a way that the bad guy isn’t able to block, slip, or roll.

While you might be able to train targeting and techniques on your own, timing requires partner work. You absolutely need someone in front of you trying to hit you and take you down to figure out how to put the right target and the right technique together at the right time.

Now, a word on strategy…

The big mistake people make in trying to land a knockout punch is trying to land a knockout punch! My advice is to throw a combination of strikes with no expectations of a knockout. If one of your strikes leads to a knockout, great! Say thank you and run to safety.

It’s also important to remember that someone can be knocked out completely by accident! Maybe you push or hit the bad guy and he either stumbles into a wall and hits his head or falls to the ground. That unexpected reaction might even result in them being crippled or killed!

That’s why you should NEVER fight unless you have no choice. You simply never know what will happen. So, if you can talk your way out of a fight, or if you can run to safety, then do it!

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Keep fighting for a happy life! 🙂


WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.

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They use different coloured belts, and some use stripes to distinguish between ranks of the same colour.
Every muscle you train and condition should directly contribute to one or more of your MMA techniques.

Taekwondo Knockout Techniques

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Recently, one of my teacher’s got into the UFC his name is Court Mcgee. Don’t even think about leaving home without knowing for sure that you can handle the babies and the baby gear. Then there’s double roundhouse kicks, and triples and “quads”.

If you watch the news, you may be as sick of hearing about Lebron James and Lindsay Lohan as I am. Mary Harada, on the other hand, is another story — one worth hearing about. Her story is actually inspiring; it will lift your spirits. She is one of four septuagenarian athletes who have turned in athletic performances this summer that are truly worthy of headlines. Here are their stories.

Taekwondo Kicks Problem #2 – Lots of the styles of size 6 taekwondo shoes tournament fighting is completely useless when it comes to battle on the streets. The stuff you are taught including the sideways fighting stance makes you vulnerable and open to many types of attacks when it comes to a fight on the street.

All competition stuff aside, the WTF and ITF are wonderful systems. They have great practitioners, masters, and grandmasters. The WTF is the most practiced style in the world, therefore, you’re going to find flaws in the character of athletes just from the sheer number of people competing. You’re going to find dojangs that have completely lost the meaning of taekwondo silhouette and martial arts as a whole. I’ve seen dojangs that have lost 100% of their etiquette and respect to martial arts.

If you don’t already have a SLR camera with a telephoto lens, I recommend you get one. A point and shoot camera is good for portrait shots before and after the game, not fast moving action. And don’t be too intimidated by SLRs or telephoto lenses. They behave much the same way as point and shoots do when you set them on fully automatic. But you gain a lot of flexibility that point and shoot cameras simply don’t have.

To gain self-confidence – knowing that you know basic self-defense techniques or moves will give you some kind of boost in your morale. You will gain self-confidence that you taekwondo edinburgh never knew you had. Of course, it feels great to know that you can defend yourself from anyone, anytime of the day.

The first martial art to really explode as a result of Lee’s film was Karate. With schools already well established in the UK, they capitalised on the phenomenon by coming out of the back streets and into the school and church halls etc. Adverts sprang up, and all of a sudden, you could find a club to train at! Karate is perhaps one of the most well known of all the martial arts, with a rich history and tradition spanning centuries. And so Karate clubs began to boom, along with other martial art styles, which began to gain interest from a Western culture suddenly smitten with the lure of Eastern mysticism and legends.

After each practice session make sure to wash your uniform. Use cold water on a gentle cycle and immediately hang it to dry. Once dry you should always iron your uniform to ensure there are no wrinkles.

Taekwondo Knockout Techniques, Knockout Tips for Martial Arts.

The format for the game is single elimination for both men and women. The most common injury in Taekwondo is damaged toes and insteps. Reading his name nearly took my breathe away- Michael Tang. Many of its work to shield you from physical attack.

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Knockout Tips for Martial Arts
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