Iron Mike Tyson ~ Top 10 Fastest Knockouts (Tribute)

Published on July 27, 2021

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Iron Mike Tyson was born Michael Gerard Tyson on June 30th, 1966. He is also known by aliases such as “Baddest Man on the Planet”, “Kid Dynamite” and “Mighty Mike Tyson”. Tyson had an amateur record of 48-6, during which he set the record for the fastest amateur knockout in history at 8 seconds, when Tyson was only 16 years old.

He is the youngest ever boxer to become world heavyweight champion at 20 years old when he knocks out Trevor Berbick in 1986, bagging the WBC strap after scoring multiple knockdowns against an overwhelmed Berbick. Then in 1987, he bagged the WBA and IBF belts scoring decisions over James Smith and Tony Tucker. This made him the first boxer to unify the WBA, IBF and WBC titles.

Mike Tyson had nine successful title defenses from 1986 to 1989, with notable victories over Trevor Berbick, Michael Spinks, Larry Holmes, Frank Bruno, Carl Williams, Marvis Frazier, Tony Tubbs, Pinklon Thomas, James Smith, Tony Tucker, Tyrell Biggs, Jose Ribalta and James Tillis.

In 1990, Mike Tyson was upset by 42-1 underdog James Buster Douglas in Tokyo as Douglas knocked Tyson out in the 10th round with a ferocious five punch combination. Tyson suffered his first defeat, and many have pointed out this defeat was due to his firing of Kevin Rooney and his lack of discipline going into the fight as well as his association with Don King. Tyson had removed Rooney before this fight with Bruno in 1989.

Tyson would come back strong, with victories over Henry Tillman, Alex Stewart and Donovan Ruddock (2x) all by knockouts. Ruddock had given Tyson his two toughest fights at this point. Since removing Rooney from his camp, Tyson had started to take more punishment and showed visible lack of effectiveness in his peek-a-boo style taught by the great Cus D’amato.

In 1992, Tyson was scheduled to take on then undefeated Evander Holyfield. But Tyson was sentenced to a 6 year jail, due to a controversial rape charge. Tyson was released after 2 years. Tyson once again came back strong with four knockout victories before finally clashing with Holyfield in 1996. Once again, Tyson suffered a huge upset as Holyfield stops him in the 11th round with huge barrage of punches. Controversies arise as Holyfield was accused of excessive headbutting which contributed to Tyson’s loss.

In the rematch, Tyson was disqualified as he infamously bit Holyfield’s ears apart. Tyson had apologized for the incident, stating that Holyfield’s un-penalized headbutts from the first and second bouts had angered him severely. Tyson was heavily fined for his actions and his boxing license was lifted until 1998 when the Nevada State Athletic Commission reinstated his license. Tyson resumes his boxing career, going 4-0 and 2 fights ending with no contests.

In 2002, Tyson was knocked out by Lennox Lewis in the 8th round. Tyson would fight 3 more fights, winning only 1, knocking out Clifford Etienne in 49 seconds of the first round. Tyson announced his retirement from the sport after his fight against Kevin McBride, stating “I do not have the guts to be in this sport anymore. I don’t want to disrespect the sport that I love. My heart is not into this anymore. I’m sorry for the fans who paid for this. I wish I could have done better.”

Tyson retired with an overall record of 50 wins (44 by knockouts) and 6 losses. He had 22 wins via first round knockout. Tyson is considered to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, also all in all one of the most feared fighter in boxing history.

Notable career victories include.

Trevor Berbick, Michael Spinks, Larry Holmes, Frank Bruno, Carl Williams, Marvis Frazier, Tony Tubbs, Pinklon Thomas, James Smith, Tony Tucker, Tyrell Biggs, Jose Ribalta, James Tillis, Henry Tillman, Alex Stewart, Francois Botha, Lou Savarese, Brian Nielsen, Clifford Etienne, Frank Bruno (2x) and Donovan Ruddock (2x).

Hope you guys enjoy this video of Tyson’s Top 10 Fastest Knockouts. Note that this Top 10 highlight is of his professional career, as I am aware that his fastest knockout was 8 seconds as an amateur.

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Boxing Quick Knockouts, Iron Mike Tyson ~ Top 10 Fastest Knockouts (Tribute).

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