FIGHT CLUB: King of the Streets: 37 – Muay Thai vs Taekwondo (Presented by Hype Crew)

Published on September 2, 2021

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►►► Underground Fight Club presented by Hype Crew
►►► 2019-12-27

Information about the fight:

Brøndby Fri Sport Hooligan (Wearing Muay Thai Shorts)
Dicipline: Muay Thai
Weight: 85 kg


Streetfighter (Wearing MMA shorts)
Dicipline: Taekwondo (Black Belt Second Dan)
Weight: 89 kg

Muay Thai vs Taekwondo

Behind The Scenes of KOTS 37:


-5 kg difference is allowed in KOTS.
-No rounds and No rules.
-Submissions is only allowed if both parts accept it.
-Only way to win is by KO or referee stoppage. Only winner gets the prize money.

Telegram: KOTS_HC

If you want to fight, download the app Telegram and contact us.
Telegram: KOTS_HC

Muay Thai vs Taekwondo
Taekwondo vs Muay Thai
Muay Thai Streetfight
Taekwondo Streetfight

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Karate – A Sport, Or An Extension Of Your Child’s Education

But my experience tells me that we are often a “one man show”. They do it because it’s an art form to master and it’s fun. The secret to delivering power in a punch is that it starts in the back foot.

TKD Best Knockouts

Lose Weight Quickly With Martial Arts

Protecting them will help reduce and eliminate this type of injury and help you train more. My father couldn’t quit smoking, so he is suffering from my mother’s absence. Finally, try jumping and spinning at the same time.

Out of all the great kicks I have ever witnessed, and this includes all my practice in Karate, Taekwondo and Kenpo, the ones Ted launched were the best. This was back a ways, back in the last century, and training methods were just becoming known. And the things we did were often extreme, to say the least.

Taewkondo Kicks Problem #3 – Taekwondo is a sport-based martial art. It was never designed to be used outside of the dojo. In a reality based self defense perspective, all sport based martial arts , specifically is taekwondo from south korea are virtually useless. If your martial art doesn’t include throws, joint locks, grappling and chokes you are out of luck.

Palm cover – This portion is essential for martial arts with open palm strikes, like some subdivisions of karate. This portion must be made of durable yet flexible material because your palm taekwondo poster will invariably stretch laterally when you hit with it.

Now, as you age, an interesting thing happens… you begin to feel a different sort of energy in the body. The insides glow, and you don’t feel things like arthritus, bursitus, and so on. While other people are on walkers and oxygen, you are spry and able to climb mountains.

Nobody knows about the exact origin of it, but probably it was originated from ancient Chinese martial arts. However it taekwondo fight drawing was spread in Japan later. It wasn’t very early when this form became very popular as the Brazilian style.

Success: Success in resistance is not simply to win. Success means not being too violent as you defend yourself. If you lose the fight you have also succeeded in teaching the assailant that there is consequence for harm, though you lose.

Last but not the least, what’s this martial art school has to offer. This goes in line with your goals, is their program geared toward self-defense, sport or fitness? You do not want to learn how to fight competitively if your goal is for self-defense, although some skills you will learn can also help in the streets, you will develop a habit of thinking that there will be a referee to stop the fight when you want to get out of the situation. What about programs for kids? If you want your kid to learn martial arts, ask what kind of programs they offer kids. The program to look for should be fun and entertaining for the kids, you do not want your kids to lose their interest in learning martial arts right?

TKD Best Knockouts, FIGHT CLUB: King of the Streets: 37 – Muay Thai vs Taekwondo (Presented by Hype Crew).

I decided that I wanted to take a shot at Olympic style competition (WTF). There are 9 Dans, starting with the first and ending with the ninth, all represented by a black belt. But, it’s more important to me that you are able to survive any match.

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FIGHT CLUB: King of the Streets: 37 – Muay Thai vs Taekwondo (Presented by Hype Crew)
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