5 Most EPIC Knockouts Title Triple Threats in IMPACT Wrestling History | GWN Top 5

Published on August 30, 2021

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It’s Su Yung vs Allie vs Tessa Blanchard this Thursday on IMPACT Wrestling, and to celebrate here are the top 5 most EPIC Knockouts Title triple threats in IMPACT history!
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#5 – 0:08 – Angelina Love vs Awesome Kong vs Taylor Wilde
#4 – 1:12 – Taylor Wilde vs Roxxi Laveaux vs Awesome Kong
#3 – 2:28 – ODB vs Awesome Kong vs Tara
#2 – 3:48 – Gail Kim vs Sienna vs Allie
#1 – 5:24 – Awesome Kong vs ODB vs Gail Kim
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Wrestling Knockouts, 5 Most EPIC Knockouts Title Triple Threats in IMPACT Wrestling History | GWN Top 5.

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5 Most EPIC Knockouts Title Triple Threats in IMPACT Wrestling History | GWN Top 5
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